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2024-05-22 01:04:50

European and Nordic co-operation

The markets for electricity and gas in Europe are becoming increasingly transnational. It is therefore part of the Swedish Energy Market Inspectorate's role to participate in the development of the markets for electricity and natural gas within the Nordic region and the EU.

Within Europe, Ei is working within the framework of The European Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators, Acer and the Council of European Energy Regulators, Ceer. Acer works with electricity and gas. Ceer works with electricity, gas, consumer matters and relationships with supervisory authorities in lands outside of the EU.

Acer - The European Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators

Acer was created by the EU within the framework of the third internal market package in 2009. Acer's work began on 3 March 2011. Its head office is located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and its director is Alberto Pototschnig. The Swedish Energy Market Inspectorate participates in Acer's Board of Regulators as a representative of Sweden.

Acer has the following duties:

  • To supplement and coordinate certain information for the EU's national supervisory authorities within electricity and natural gas
  • To participate in the development of regulations for Europe's energy network
  • In special circumstances, to make binding individual decisions regarding the accessibility and operational safety of transnational infrastructure
  • To act as consultants in various energy-related matters within the European institutions
  • To monitor and report on the development of Europe's energy markets.

Ceer – Council of European Energy Regulators

Ceer is an organisation for independent supervisory authorities within the European Union and EEA (European Economic Area).

The purpose of the Swedish Energy Market Inspectorate's work within Ceer is to promote a competitive and efficient internal market for electricity and gas in Europe. This is achieved through the development of a comprehensive regulatory framework in accordance with the applicable directives, regulations and decisions, as well as through cooperation with the European Commission and national competition agencies.

NordREG – Nordic Energy Regulators

The Nordic supervisory authorities for electricity have established a cooperative organisation together, NordREG, for matters that relate to our Nordic energy markets. Besides Sweden, the other participating countries are Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland.

Icer – International Confederation of Energy Regulators

Icer is comprised of a voluntary global association consisting of approximately 200 supervisory authorities involved in the energy sector.

Icer's goal is to increase public and political awareness and understanding regarding the regulation of the energy markets, and its role in the management of socioeconomic, environmental and market issues.

Since its establishment, Icer has, through its various working groups, endeavoured to build up solid bonds between regional regulatory organisations around the world. Each working group works with the theme, in an attempt to collect and analyse material that may be of use to the work of the supervisory authorities, and this information comes from members of the various regional organisations around the world.

By establishing this voluntary confederation, which has regular and structured contact, as well as through the cooperation between supervisory authorities, Icer hopes to be able to exchange information and practices within the energy sector, and thereby contribute to sustainable development.