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2022-01-28 06:20:28

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Press contact
Astrid Qvarnlöf

Telephone: 0046 (0) 16-16 27 90

Anne Vadasz Nilsson

Director General

Anne Vadasz Nilsson, generaldirektör på Energimarknadsinspektionen, Ei. Fotograf Robin Thunholm.

 High resolution image - Anne Vadasz Nilsson

photographer: Robin Thunholm, Happify

Tony Rosten

Deputy Director General and Director of Department for Tariff Regulation

Tony Rosten, Energimarknadsinspektionen, Ei. Fotograf Robin Thunholm.

High resolution images - Tony Rosten

photographer: Robin Thunholm, Happify

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But please provide the name of the photographer. Contact EI´s communications unit about other images, telephone: 0046 (0) 16-16 27 00.