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2024-05-28 12:42:50

Operational branches

Supervision and consideration

Ei is tasked with checking that the market actors follow laws and rules in the energy market area. The acts primarily concerned are the Electricity Act, the Natural Gas Act, the District Heating Act, the ACT ON Intervention in case of market abuse in wholesale market of Energy Products, the Act on Certain Pipelines, the Act on the Certification of Transmission System Operators for Electricity, the Act on the Certification of Certain Natural Gas Companies and the Special Management of Certain Power Installations Act, as well as associated ordinances and provisions. Ei also supervises a number of EU ordinances within its area.

Regulatory development

Ei follows and analyses developments on the electricity, natural gas and district heating markets. This means that Ei continuously submits proposals for changes to regulations or other measures that may improve how the markets function. We cooperate with other European Energy Regulators with the purpose of working towards harmonisation of regulatory framework so that similar conditions are created on the markets for electricity and natural gas among the Nordic countries and in the EU.

Customer information

In the operational branch of Customer Information, Ei works to disseminate knowledge to consumers as the primary target group, with the purpose of increasing their awareness of activity on the markets. Via information on how the electricity, natural gas and district heating networks work, which regulatory framework applies and what opportunities, rights and responsibilities customers have.