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2024-07-20 08:28:19

Ei's supervision regarding district heating

The Swedish Energy Market Inspectorate ensures that district heating companies comply with the District Heating Act. One of our duties is to strengthen the position of customers in the district heating market.

Ei monitors the development on the market

The Swedish Energy Market Inspectorate monitors the development of the district heating market and can suggests changes to the regulatory framework for the functioning of the market.

We also analyse the development in the district heating sector in relation to other alternatives on the heating market, in order to stimulate competition.

Ei does not have the power to examine the reasonableness of pricing

We do not supervise the price charged by district heating companies. There is no price cap and market prices are applicable. If you suspect that your provider is exploiting its dominant position and that they are increasing their prices excessively you can contact them and request them to provide an explanation. They must then account for and motivate their pricing.

District heating companies have a legal obligation to provide yearly reports

It is not unusual that district heating companies also conduct other business operations such as broadband, electricity networks or trade in electricity. District heating operations shall be accounted for separately in order to counteract the risk that revenue coming from this source is used to finance other business operations.

In accordance with the District Heating Act, district heating companies are obligated to report on their district heating operations to Ei every year, no later than 31 July.

The report shall consist of annual reports and accounting for operations and business conditions. The annual report is a separate financial account of an energy company's district heating operations, and it is the company's board of directors and accountants that are responsible for the information in the annual reports.