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  • Measures to increase demand side flexibility in Swedish electricity system

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    The task was reported to the Government in December 2016 in the report Åtgärder för ökad efterfrågeflexibilitet i det svenska elsystemet ("Measures to increase demand side flexibility in the Swedish electricity system"). This document is an abbreviated version of the report, which has also been adapted for an international readership. 

  • Summary of Tjänster för efterfrågeflexibilitet

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    This is a brief summary of the report Tjänster för efterfrågeflexibilitet - Sammanställning av tekniska krav och övriga villkor för tillhandahållandet av tjänster i form av ändrad elförbrukning Ei 2017:09. The report is only available in Swedish and is a yearly study, made by the Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate.

  • Gas Target Model

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    The Danish regulatory authority (DERA) and the Swedish regulatory authority (Ei) have performed a joint self-evaluation of the Danish-Swedish wholesale markets for gas which has been submitted to ACER in July 2017. The self-evaluation is performed in accordance with the model (metrics) proposed by the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) in its European vision paper for the European gas market – The Gas Target Model.