A Nordic electricity market

The greatest task currently being undertaken by NordREG is the work that is leading towards all Nordic electricity consumers, with the exception of Iceland, being able to purchase electricity across national boundaries.

In order for this to be possible, computer systems and procedures must be modified so that the measurement values for electricity can be sent between countries. Furthermore, laws need to be modified so that they correspond to each other across national boundaries.

This enables you, as the customer, to be able to easily understand how you can purchase electricity from another Nordic country. You will also know how much it is going to cost.

Other work duties performed by NordREG are to contribute to:

  • a well-functioning wholesale market with competitive prices, reliable supply and an effective regulation of national grid operators

Follow NordREG's work

NordREG publishes periodic reports and other documents relating to its work, for example, the annual Nordic Market Report, which presents a collective illustration of the most recent developments in the Nordic energy markets.