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2024-07-19 16:17:46

Gas Target Model

The Danish regulatory authority (DERA) and the Swedish regulatory authority (Ei) have performed a joint self-evaluation of the Danish-Swedish wholesale markets for gas which has been submitted to ACER in July 2017. The self-evaluation is performed in accordance with the model (metrics) proposed by the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) in its European vision paper for the European gas market – The Gas Target Model.

The Gas Target Model focuses on gas wholesale market functioning, security of supply and the future role of gas. The Gas Target Model proposes that the national regulatory authorities carry out regular self-evaluations of their national wholesale markets for gas. If the results of a national self-evaluation are not satisfactory the regulatory authority/member state is encouraged to initiate market reforms to improve the functioning of the national wholesale market.

The results of the Danish-Swedish self-evaluation show that the Danish-Swedish gas market does not meet all the criteria for a well-functioning market as set out by the Gas Target Model. Especially, the results suggest that the market could be improved by focusing on participants' needs. However, in the next few years there are a number of projects in the pipeline which may support the positive development of the Danish-Swedish gas market, e.g. the Baltic Pipe Project, a LNG terminal in Gothenburg, a joint Danish-Swedish balancing zone etc.

DERA and Ei therefore suggest that a more extensive analysis of possible market reforms of the Danish-Swedish market should await the next self-evaluation which DERA and Ei expect to perform in 2020.

The self-evaluation can be found here Pdf, 1.3 MB.